Softwood Logs

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Softwood logs are the alternative to hardwood logs, they both give good warmth from your wood burner, but hardwood reigns supreme and for that fact they are usually more expensive. Softwood logs don't burn for as long as hardwood which means that you need a greater quantity of softwood. Most people usually mix hardwood and softwood in their burners and stoves to get the best of all worlds! Sadly not everyone has the space or time to prepare their own firewood and have to buy it in. If you are lucky you will have firewood processor in your area, but if you don't then you are faced with going to the garden center or garage fore your logs, be warned in most cases you will be paying through the nose at these places. For more cost effective logs take a look at this small selection of softwood logs from Amazon and Ebay, click through to see the full range available on each platform.

Many firewood producers have turned to platforms like Amazon and Ebay to offer their softwood logs to the public. This offers many advantages for the cost concious buyer as they all want your business and will set their prices very favourably. Always ensure you read the listings properly to ensure they will deliver to your location.