Lekto Night Briquettes 20KG | Long Slow Burn Up to 8 Hours

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Manufacturer Description

What Are Night Briquettes?

Night briquettes are compressed packages of natural bark designed to give you a long slow burn on your fire. They are often used to keep a fire alive overnight in a wood or log burner, saving you the hassle of having to restart it every morning, but they can be used in other appliances as well to keep them burning for longer. They are ideal companions for our hardwood heat logs or natural firewood. If you are using the briquettes for wood burners we recommend using 2-3 each time depending on the size of the stove.

Long Burning Times

These briquettes are designed to burn long and slow, for up to 8 hours, giving you cozy warmth throughout.

Natural Product

The wood for these eco briquettes is harvested from sustainable plantations and no chemical additives are used during processing.

Versatile Uses

You can use briquettes for wood burning stoves, log burners, sheltered fire pits, chiminea, etc. They are the perfect complement to hardwood heat logs and traditional firewood.

Easy to Store

Because each briquette has a consistent shape and size they are easy to stack and store away, even if you space is limited. They are also packaged in small groups so you only need to open what you are going to use.

Bulk Buy Convenience

Our mini-packs are a great way to buy and store your briquettes, particularly if you have limited space.

Product Features

LONG 8 HOUR BURN -- All Lekto Wood Fuels materials are sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests with no added chemicals. Our Night Briquettes made made from Conifer tree bark which has been compressed. These block Briquettes are designed for a long slow burn of up to 8 hours. A long slow burn time is the ideal solution for overnight heating. MINIMAL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED -- The conifer bark Briquette works well when used with heat logs as an alternative to traditional firewood. These Briquettes require a low level of maintenance and are great when you are heading to bed, or trying to get warm without having to attend to the fire. USE WITH A LOG BURNER -- To achieve the longest burning time, we recommend putting 2-3 Night Briquettes into the fire just before any flames go out and whilst embers are still glowing red. You must then leave the air intake open and allow the briquettes to ignite, when they have caught fire the air intake should be reduced to minimal. These Briquettes can be used in a controlled smoke area when used in a DEFRA approved appliance. COST SAVING & LOW MOISTURE CONTENT -- A single Briquette is the equivalent value as three Kiln Dried Fire Wood or Seasoned Firewood Logs, however they both can be used in conjunction with each other. Moisture content is important and our Briquette Logs are below 9%, compared to Traditional Kiln Dried Fire Wood or Seasoned Firewood at 20%. COMPACT BRIQUETTE PACKS -- Our Briquettes are available in a mini pack as well as pallet options. Each minipack includes 20 blocks and pallets have up to 84 packs of 12 blocks depending on the size of pallet. Each block weighs 1kg and is approximately 155mm x 120mm x 70mm. The size of our eco briquette blocks makes them compatible with the majority of wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves. Night Briquettes are easy to store but must be stored in a dry area without direct contact to moisture.