Garden Carts and Trucks

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You have found our Garden Carts and Trucks category in our Log Burning Essentials Shop. Here you will find Garden carts in all shapes and sizes, some are really heavy duty which would be ideal for shifting large loads of logs. Other models are more suited to the lighter garden work like moving grass cuttings or hedge trimmings around. But we are sure you will find a Garden truck to suit your needs from our range.

Even though these products are commonly known as Garden Trucks or Garden Carts, don't let that fool you, they have many other uses as well. They can be used for trips to the beach, especially if you go for one with wide wheels, imagine being able to transport all your beach kit in one go instead of making several trips back and forth to the car. They are widely used by Festival goers, they load up their tents and everything else and transport it all in one trip! Another use is for the Craft Market stall holders, gone are the days where you make endless trips back and forth with your stock, now you can reduce those trips and save time. So as you can see Garden carts and trucks have many great uses aside from the obvious!