Chainsaw Sharpening

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All Chainsaws will only do their job efficiently if they have a properly sharpened chain, this goes for all variants regardless! If you use a dull chain you will just be wasting energy and time as you just won't be cutting properly. On this page you will find many different ways to sharpen chains, ranging from files you take with to your work site to bench mounted grinders and everything in between.

When working with your chainsaw away from your base  or home, it's  advisable  to have at least a chainsaw sharpening file and gauge with you as your chain will soon start to dull if it hits a hidden nail in a log for example. It's also good to have a stump clamp as well which holds the bar steady while your file your chain. Back in your workshop a bench mounted chain grinder makes quick and accurate work of sharpening your chains ready for the next days work.