Log Stores for your Firewood

Log Stores – self build

Log stores, should you buy or should you build your own? In this article I want to take a look at just how easy it is to build your own Log Store which will not only keep your firewood dry but will also help with the seasoning process.

I have built a few logs stores myself over the years, they are just simple structures made from wooden pallets which are always in plentiful supply and most of the time you get them free.

Tip: always try and get all your pallets the same size if you can, it makes life a lot easier.

To build a basic open fronted cube from pallets you will need 5 pallets, 1 for the base, 1 for the roof, 1 for the back and 2 for the sides. In addition to this you will need some ply or OSB to use on the roof and some felt or waterproof material.

It’s easy to build your own Log Stores

View of one of our pallet log storesI have always made at least “double” log stores which require a few more pallets, in fact you will need 8 pallets for a double store, 1 extra for the roof, base and back wall.

As you can see from the pictures it’s relatively simple to construct once you have all the materials to hand.

Start by finding a level base, then lay your base pallets on top of bricks or blocks to raise them off the ground, I would advise placing bricks at each corner and done the middle of each pallet to support it properly.

Now you can start adding the back of your log store by screwing or nailing a pallet along the back edge of you base pallets, I find right angled brackets are useful to hold things in place.a clear view of the construction of our log stores

Next you can fit the sides, again by screwing or nailing the pallets to the side edge of you base pallets and also fixing them to the back wall pallets too.

All you need now is your roof, which should be sloped either forward or backwards, the choice is yours.

Putting a Roof on it

To get this slope you could remove the bottom slats and blocks from your pallet at one or end so that when you place the pallet on the top of your log store it slopes. Or you could leave the pallet intact and just use some extra bits of wood fixed to the top of the pallets that make your back wall, this will make your roof higher at the back than the front.

a good view of the back and roof of the log storesOnce you have your roof pallets fixed in place, all you need do now is fit some ply or OSB board over your roof pallets and nail it down, this will give you a firm base to attach your roofing felt too.

Finally, if you want your new logs store to last at least a few years, you should give it a generous treatment of wood preservative. I would say do this annually after you have emptied your log store and before filling it again.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is go and split some logs are start stacking them in your newly built  log stores!

I also wanted to give credit to the guy who gave me the inspiration to build my log stores:

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