suspenda sheet from the cieling and it will stop the mess from the saw spreading

Log Cutting and Splitting Tips

This post is a follow on to those Log Cutting and Splitting Tips I shared in my last post, I just wanted to expand on them a bit and I also have better photo’s now to help better explain.

The first of the Log Cutting and Splitting Tips – Containing the chainsaw mess

Log Cutting and Splitting Tips - suspend a sheet from the cieling and it will stop the mess from the saw spreadingSo the first tip was a way of preventing all the saw debris (sawdust and chips) going everywhere when you are log cutting. I do a lot of my cutting in mythe sheet is ctaching the mess from the sawing garage and the debris from the chainsaw used to go everywhere. This was a real pain to clean up after I had finished as it got into all the nooks and crannies.

To overcome this situation I had the idea of making a screen to prevent the problem. The solution was simple as you can see from the first picture, it’s simply an old tarpaulin suspended from a bit of washing line with pegs. As long as it touches the floor it will do the job. As you can see, all the debris is stopped from spreading by the screen you have put up. You could even set up it so it forms three sides. This would catch all the mess even better and make cleaning up so easy – might try that next time!

Makeshift table to save your back

Log Cutting and Splitting Tips - log splitter with makeshipt tableThe second tip I shared was making a makeshift table to stand next to your log splitter. Mine is made from a few saw horses and a sheet of old ply wood makeshift table full of logs, saves bendinglaid across them. As you can see from this picture, it’s the same height as the log splitter and works really well when you are splitting big rounds. Generally I find this set up helps to cut down on a lot of the lifting and bending I used to have to do.

I am sure as time passes I will find some more log cutting and splitting tips I can share, or maybe you have some tips you can share?

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