Log Collection – first of 2017

I did my first log collection trip of this year, a week or so earlier than originally planned. The weather was just so good and I had spare time so I thought why not. This was intended to be just a recce trip to see how much wood was available so I didn’t take my chain saw with me.log collection, many of these logs were just the right size

there are many larger logs available for collectionThe trip was well worth it, there are logs in abundance of all shapes and sizes, so I set about loading up the car with logs that were easy to lift and carry and in the and in the end got a good car full.

Once I got home I got it all unloaded into the garage to take the weight off the cars suspension and then left it at that.

Next day I got the electric chainsaw out to cut the logs to length for our wood burner.


Ndust sheet suspended from above to catch debris from sawow here is a little tip for you to stop the sawdust going everywhere. Put a piece of old washing line across your garage and hang an old groundsheet or dust sheet with pegs from it so it touches the floor. Set up your sawing so that you are facing the hanging sheet, now as you start sawing you will see that the sheet catches the sawdust and chips as you are sawing preventing them from going all over the place.

Sawing done, time to get the log splitter in position and get those logs split and stacked outside so they can season during the warm months to come.


log splitter with table behind itYou will notice I have a table set up on one side of the log splitter, this is just a couple of saw horses and a piece of old ply wood laid across them. This is  a great back saver as it cuts down of the amount of bending and lifting you have to do. For example when you split a round in half, you can roll one half onto your makeshift table and continue to split the other half. Keep you wheel barrow close to hand and you can just throw your split logs into it as you make them.

log stores partially fullSo all in all the first log collection of the year was well worth it, gave me about 12 wheel barrow loads that have started to fill the logs stores.

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suspenda sheet from the cieling and it will stop the mess from the saw spreading
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