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Electric Chainsaw

the electric chainsaw is available from many different manufacturersThe Electric chainsaw, also known as a corded chainsaw is the type that you plug into your mains outlet. In that respect they are limited because mains power is not available everywhere you might find logs! For these situation there are alternative models, like the petrol and cordless or battery operated types.

Now we have mentioned the biggest drawback of the corded chainsaw, we should look at the positives. Especially just how quiet they are in comparison to their petrol powered counterparts. This has to be an essential consideration if you live close to other people, on a housing estate for example. Your neighbours will soon get upset with you if they have to listen to a loud petrol chainsaw when they are trying to relax in their gardens. In this case the cordless chainsaw could also be used without creating undue noise.

[fsbProduct product_id=’1535′ align=’right’]Another upside of the corded chainsaw is it’s weight when compared to other types of chainsaw. This variant is quite a bit lighter because it doesn’t have the weight of a 2 stroke engine, fuel or batteries. Being lighter in weight makes it easier to use for prolonged periods, like when you have a pile of logs to cut down to size.

Some people think that electric chainsaws are under powered, some are low power while other are almost as powerful as their petrol driven models. It all depends on what you want to do with your chainsaw. If it’s just light pruning or cutting up pallets, then a low power saw would most probably suit you. However, if you have firewood logs or trees to prune or bring down then you have to look at a more powerful model. Normally the wattage of the electric motor indicates how powerful a chainsaw is.

These days most electric chainsaws are essentially “tool less” meaning that you don’t need a set of tools to tension the chain or change the chain. Whereas on older models you would need a spanner and screwdriver for such tasks. In fact a lot of chainsaws no automatically tension the chain so you don’t have to worry about it. This McCulloch is a nice example of a modern electric chainsaw.
One more thing to think about with an electric chainsaw is how far will you be from a mains outlet. If you are a long way no doubt you will need an extension lead. Make sure you use one that has the correct current rating for your your saw. You should also be connecting through an RCD Circuit Breaker to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

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