Wood Burner Accessories

Wood Burner Accessories

There are many wood burner accessories available from a whole myriad of manufacturers to enhance the efficiency of your stove.

In this category we will focus on products that will help you use your wood burner better. For example, simply standing a stove top fan on top of your wood burner will make a big difference to how warm your room gets. These fans run from the heat of your stove so effectively cost nothing to operate.

Another good example is the flue pipe thermometer. These simply attach to your flue pipe. Either magnetically or with some binding wire and give you an indication of how well your stove is burning. They are usually calibrated into three easy to read sections. Too cool which could lead to a build up up of tar or creosote. Too hot which could lead to a chimney fire! And finally the optimum range, telling you that your stove is running at the right temperature and extracting maximum heat from your logs.

These are just a few examples of the many wood burner accessories that are available. We will look at many more of these products in this category over time.

stove top fan

Stove Top Fan

A Stove Top Fan Increases the Usable Warmth from your Wood Burner The Stove Top Fan is the answer to the question that many wood burner owners ask themselves![fsbProduct product_id=’2317′ size=’300′ align=’right’] The question, why isn’t the whole room warming up, it’s only warm around the wood burner? The reason for this is that heat […]

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