Money Saving Bundles

money saving bundlesMoney saving bundles is a new service we are offering on to help you save money when buying related products.

How do Money saving bundles work?

We craft together bundles of related products that we believe would be useful to you for certain tasks. For example, we might add a chainsaw, chain oil, chainsaw gloves in a bundle. As you can see this example bundle would provide you with everything you need to get started using your new chainsaw.

We find that by bundling related products together like this will normally offer you a great savings. Sometimes as much as 30% or more over the cost of buying the individual products at the retail price!

Going forward we intend to introduce at least one money saving bundle per week. These will cover all different aspects of log burning and firewood preparation and storage. We hope you find these money saving bundles to be a real money saver and also a time saver too for you, and remember, once you have added one of these to your cart it can be edited to suit your needs before you purchase.

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