Log Stores and Racks

Log Stores

Well made log stores are essential for both storing your firewood logs and also for allowing them to season properly.

The Main Requirements

The main requirement of a log store is to keep your logs dry until you are ready to burn them. To that end it must hold your logs above ground, so air can circulate underneath and your logs don’t get damp. Ventilation at the back, sides and front should be good enough to allow good airflow around your logs. Finally the roof should be sloped to drain the rain away and should also be waterproof.

Good Construction

Normally the base is a slatted construction, as are the sides and back wall. The front is normally left open to allow the breeze and wind to enter. This air circulation not only helps to prevent the growth of mould on your logs. It also helps recently split logs to season by allowing the circulating air to carry evaporation moisture away.

We have a wide range of log stores in our shop, why not stop by and have a look.


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