cahinsaws were made for cutting up logsThe Chainsaw is one of the most valuable tools that a home firewood maker can posses or have access to. Without it they would have to resort to using hand saws which take a very long time and it’s very laborious work. Whereas the chainsaw can eat through a log in no time at all with very little effort on the part of the operator.

Types of Chainsaws Available

Commonly there are three types of chainsaws which are all powered in different ways. Perhaps the best known variant is the Petrol powered model, widely used by the professionals like Tree Surgeons and Forestry workers. Having said that, many home users have petrol models too, as it gives them the flexibility to cut wood wherever they need to.

Next up are the mains, or electric corded models. These have one major limitation, they all need to be used in the proximity of a mains power supply. Having said that they also have one major advantage over their petrol powered counterparts, they are very quiet by comparison. In addition to this they are very much lighter as there is no engine or fuel tank.

Finally we have the cordless or battery operated models which strive to bring together the best of the other two types. Because they are battery operated they don’t need a mains power supply to operate, they are also very quiet so are suited to be used virtually anywhere. Again because they are battery operated, they can be used anywhere as long as you have charged batteries.

Safety First

Safety first, no matter which type of chainsaw you decide to use you must use it in a safe manner. Whilst being highly effective tools for cutting logs, trees and timber, they are just as good at cutting through legs! Always were the relevant safety equipment when using your chainsaw.

There you have it, a brief summary of the types chainsaws available on the market today

the electric chainsaw is available from many different manufacturers

Electric Chainsaw – Corded Chainsaws

Electric Chainsaw The Electric chainsaw, also known as a corded chainsaw is the type that you plug into your mains outlet. In that respect they are limited because mains power is not available everywhere you might find logs! For these situation there are alternative models, like the petrol and cordless or battery operated types. Now […]

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